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Commercial Insurance

We specialise in a wide range of commercial insurance solutions designed around the unique needs of companies that fall within varying industries. For more information on commercial insurance products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Restaurant, BnB, Lodge & Guest House Insurance

One of our main focusses is on Restaurant Insurance. We also specialise in Guest House Insurance, Bed and Breakfast Insurance, Lodge Insurance.

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Business Insurance

Insuring the tangible assets of your business, such as buildings, plant, machinery, stock, office furniture, any specified items, especially if taken off the premises e.g. cell phones, tool boxes etc., money, goods in transit, electronic equipment and computers against fire, lightning, earthquake, storm, wind, water, hail, theft, accidental damage etc., vehicles against own damage and third party. Other covers are loss of profits or reduction in turnover due to one of the above perils, personal accident to staff, legal liability arising out of the business such as property owners, general, tenants, defective workmanship, products and employer’s liability, etc.

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Transit and Marine

Cover your imports, exports, inland transit and incidental storage against fire, theft and accidental damage.

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Professional Indemnity

Covers you or your company against amounts which you may become legally liable to pay, as well as the legal costs incurred. These would be covered if they resulted from tangible damage caused to third parties due to erroneous professional advice or services rendered by you. Policy can include professional errors, failure to act in accordance with your obligations, incorrect advice, miscalculations, incorrect diagnosis of problems, professional omissions, failure to notice mistakes, etc.

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Can either be placed with your business insurance policy or it can be tailored for your specific needs, such as specialist, employment practices, broadform liabilities or higher limits (top-up to your commercial policy). These specialist liability requirements could be for businesses such as paint manufacturers, warehouses and carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

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Directors and Officers

Cover the directors and officers of your company (past, present and future) in their individual capacity (whilst acting for the business) against wrongful act which includes any actual or alleged breach of contract, duty or trust, act, error, neglect, omission, misstatement, misleading statement, breach of warranty of authority or any act done or wrongfully attempted. Costs incurred in defending an allegation is payable by the policy prior to the final resolution of the claim.

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Construction and Engineering

Covers Contract Works aka Contractors or Civil All Risks e.g. damage to building or road under construction; Contractors and Civil Liability; Plant All Risks (plant, machinery, scaffolding etc. used in the construction) and Performance and Retention Guarantees. These can either be taken as single policies or as a comprehensive package, depending on your specific requirements.

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Fidelity Guarantee aka Commercial Crime

Covers employee dishonesty, computer fraud (extended to include hacking, electronic data loss and computer viruses), extortion, contractual penalties and fraudulent transfer instructions. Claims generally arise from creditor payments, EFT, debtors (fraudster, rolling debtors books), petty cash abuse, international transfers, payroll and stock theft. Policy may be extended to include employment practices liability (CCMA type cases). This can also be taken out in the business insurance policy, but cover is fairly restrictive.

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Body Corporate and Sectional Title Complexes

A niche product specifically written to comply with the Sectional Title and Body Corporate Act for properties such as residential, retirement, timeshare, office, commercial and industrial complexes. Many additional and unique features are included at no extra cost, such as Trustees Indemnity, Subsidence and Landslip for bonded properties, Loss of Rent or Alternative Accommodation until building is tenanted after a claim, Accidental Damage, Fidelity Guarantee, Escalation of sums insured (current and further period) and Geysers. Property Owners Liability has high limits with a minimal premium. Optional covers include Theft of external fixtures and fittings. Machinery Breakdown for residential properties is included for swimming pool equipment etc. Complexes such as Retirement Homes and Timeshare Resorts can be extended to include furniture, electronic equipment, personal accident, motor vehicles and loss of revenue covers.

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Hospitality and Tourism

Unique insurance packages from the leaders in the hospitality industry in South Africa. These include specialist products for hotels and motels, conference centres, wildlife reserves, sports and recreational centres, bed and breakfasts, lodges and guest houses, restaurants, timeshares and resorts. A few features automatically included in some of these products are fatal injury to nominated employees, leakage of alcohol and beverages and the resultant damage, deterioration of stock, loss of revenue due to shark or game attack, full theft cover, guest effects and vehicles and contents on their premises. Comprehensive cover for damage to golf courses, bowling greens and the resulting loss of green fees is also included. Some additional extensions are EuropAssistance (24 hour medical advice and emergency evacuation service to guests and staff) and Legal Assistance.

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Jewellers Industry

A comprehensive and flexible one-stop insurance solution for the jewellery trade, tailored to suit the needs of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, diamond dealers, tender houses and processors, watchmakers, coin dealers, watch importers and distributors, gem setters and cutters, goldsmiths, metal refiners and processors.

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Fashion and Clothing Boutique

A brand new revolutionary and innovative one-stop insurance solution for the fashion industry. Flexible enough to be tailored to suit the needs of client’s exact requirements, covering ladies, gents and/or children's clothing ranges, footwear, eyewear, bridal wear, accessories, leather apparel and accessories, luggage, and Haute Couture studios.

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